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The Social Network | Churchblaze.com

CHURCHBLAZE CHRISTIAN SOCIAL NETWORK – is a networking site that was created with the intention of uniting Christians from all walks of life having God as the common factor. Churchblaze is more than a social network. It is a real dynamic Christian community platform that brings Christian individuals together giving them a voice. It is the most decent social network that can make people from different cultures, age groups and diverse denominations relate and socialize with sobriety.

The social network also ushers uniqueness for it comes with an inbuilt Church management system. The system is created to provide various functionalities to the church which include: church profile, departments, announcements, photo gallery, Media – recorded sermons and live streaming, membership, church events and order of service.


To be the leading digital platform provider enabling the Church to connect, share and fellowship.


To provide the Church with a sustainable, innovative and ethical platform by use of state of the art technology.

Core Values

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
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The E-commerce platform | Blazebay

Blazebay is an online electronic commerce platform that provides consumer-to-business, business-to-business sales through the Internet. Currently, Blazebay is working on a development structure that allows Importers and Exporters of commodities to host their products online, at a fee.

Blazebay will have a section with Virtual go-downs for Exporters and Importers. The virtual go-down allows users to view their products, date of storage, expected date of delivery, special parcel tracking code to be used to follow up on the delivery process as well as notify you in case of delays.

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The Tourism Platform | Homestay Safari

HOMESTAY SAFARI  – This is a tourism and travel site whose main focus is to provide ease in accessing accommodation in foreign destinations during travel. It enables users to rent exclusive places to stay from local hosts in various countries. These accommodations are provided by Local residents – These are individuals living in or near tourists attractions and have extra spaces in their homes and would be willing to be hosts.

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The Mobile Shopping Platform | Nunua 254

NUNUA 254 – Nunua-254 is the latest product by Churchblaze Group Ltd. It is a mobile app whose main focus is to enable users to shop 24/7 for home products like groceries, fruits, vegetables, foodstuff etc from the comfort of their home. It functions by determining the user’s geo-location and profiling all supermarkets and chain stores within the user’s vicinity. Users select products and check out making payment via M-pesa. Deliveries are made at the client’s doorstep.

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Digital communication platform |  Soma Mate

Soma Mate is a digital communication platform. The Soma Mate system has  a number of functions including : Creating a real time  communication channel between the institution and the parents . This timely information makes it possible for the  user to access all the updated notifications which the user wants to access.

It also helps the institution  manage  and track  their day to day activities. One of the main advantages of the Soma Mate system is enabling both the students and parents  track academic  performances  in an orderly and systematic way, from the time they join school to  when they clear.

This will greatly help all stake holders know the education background of students and employees.

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Smart queue management | Q-Kut

Q-Kut – Smart Queue Management App for every organization which have to manage Queue(s) with real-time Dashboard.

  • Multilingual.
  • Multiple Queues or Departments.
  • Dynamic Scheduling & Managing’s doorstep.
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Brigding you to your wealth |  Blaze SACCO

Blaze SACCO – Helps you to grow by offering the following services;

  • Personal loans
  • Business loans
  • Refinancing loans
  • Medical loans
  • Education loans
  • Church plot loans
  • Church equipment loans
  • Shamba loans
  • Express loans
  • Specified withdrawable savings.

The Investment Group | Churchblaze Investment Limited

Churchblaze Investment Limited – is an investment vehicle for Churchblaze Group Limited. This company was registered to sale investment shares and the proceeds from the shares invested in Churchblaze Group Limited for development of the Churchblaze Christian Social Network and the other online platforms (Blaze Traders, Nunur and Homestay Safari).

 The targeted investment groups are churches and church members whose investment will justifiably get them to own part of the Churchblaze social network and other companies affiliated to them.