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Isaac .M. Muthui

Isaac Muthui is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Churchblaze Group Limited, a position that he has held since the inception of the company in 2014. Previously he was the Managing Director of Merphy Technologies and earlier, head of ICT and Infrastructure at the Liberty Commercial Bank, South Sudan, CEO Kenya Institute of Data And Forensic Systems and Managing Director at Trackryte Systems.

Mr. Muthui is a young vibrant and innovative entrepreneur who has been featured in “MY BUSINESS” Magazine as the entrepreneur of the Year with intellectual property(July/August edition 2007), managed to bring the first GPRS/GSM/TDMA/CDMA Vehicle, property and people location systems in East Africa from Panama South America and Israel, Developed the preamble of Computer forensics copyrighted certificate in Kenya and developed a forum on Wealth creation and Management in Kenya.

Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science
Higher Diploma in Management of information systems (IMIS)